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Your partner in restored vitality.
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Welcome to Pure Life, your partner in restored vitality.

You are here to thrive. We’ll show you how.

We invite you to step into a collaborative partnership with us on your journey to vitality. Our staff will evaluate your pain complaint and co-create your treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results.

We listen deeply, We create a nurturing and therapeutic space where you can access total body restoration. Our goal as practitioners is to remove obstacles between you and the life you want to live.

Let us be your guides.

Pure Life Services

Medical Massage treatment


Invest in your well-being and begin living your most vibrant life. We offer a variety of massage treatments to help you achieve your desired results.


Gin Burchfield offers Health and Leadership coaching for high performing humans. Gin helps you and your team tap into your integrity and authenticity to bring total abundance, joy, and freedom into the way you work and live.

Pure Life Services

Medical Massage treatment


Invest in your well-being and begin living your most vibrant life with these highly detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments.


We offer a range of customizable coaching services and programs to meet your needs. We’ll help you improve your personal and professional life to reach your goals.

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Find deals on vitamins, herbs and supplements for digestive health, woman’s health, and stress reduction.

What Our Clients Say

“Totally relaxing and professional……Gin knows exactly how ayurvedic treatments can help a person. Wish I could visit every week. Her expertise as a health coach is equally outstanding. Cares greatly about her clients and their health. Listen to her closely and you will improve!!”

– John

The air smelled so clean I wanted to bring it home with me. The massage helped my skin soften and really touched me where I just can’t reach. It felt spectacular. I hope I can enjoy many more massages. Thank you.

– Shelly

“I received a wonderful massage that left me feeling rejuvenated. The location and ambiance are beautiful and convenient.”

– Amilcar

An amazing experience! They really got to the root of my problem and after only one session, my pregnancy related sciatica is feeling much better. I’m looking forward to future treatments for continue relief!

– MassageBook Reviewer

Pure Life Massage,
Ayurveda & Coaching

We specialize in support therapy for healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle​.

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