Abhyanga MassageAbhyanga is a traditional, choreographed ayurvedic massage utilizing warm oil and friction to penetrate deep into the tissues to loosen toxins at the cellular level. The Abhyanga enhances immunity, detoxifies, and increases lymphatic circulation. Its effect on the body and mind is rejuvenation.

70 minutes – $105


Gandharva MassageThis is a deeply meditative experience in massage therapy utilizing a crystal singing bowl for sound therapy. This Ayurveda massage treatment begins with a full body massage using warm oils, where specific muscular needs may be addressed. The massage is followed by marma therapy and finally energy balancing. Its effect is full-body relaxation.

70 minutes – $105
100 minutes – $145


Marma Ayurvedic MassageMarma Therapy is the theory from which acupressure has its origins. Using pure essential oils, the Marma Points are stimulated using a light, circular motion which promotes subtle energy cleansing and rebalancing. Marma points are the gateways in the body where the body and mind communicate. By stimulating the marmas, blocks due to stress and improper diet can be dissolved.

40 minutes – $75
55 minutes – $90

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