Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingMost of you know that my journey to vibrant health has not been short lived. While I may have always looked well on the outside, my body struggled to keep up with life’s demands. In 2010 my daughter was born. At the time, I was already self-employed. I was also single. In spite of all I knew about health and nutrition from years in the wellness industry, the chronic stress of providing for my own maternity leave, being a single caretaker of a newborn, and the regular stress of pregnancy caused my body’s endocrine system to give in. Adrenal Fatigue led to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – an Autoimmune Disease affecting my under-active thyroid. My hair became thin and broken. I lost a tremendous amount of weight but bloated regularly, fluctuating by up to 7 pounds at any given time. My eyes were sullen and tired. I needed coffee to wake up and wine to wind down. I developed sensitivity to a wide array of foods. All of this was happening without my really noticing – I chalked up to new motherhood.

I didn’t start applying what I knew about Ayurveda to my own health until 2013. Partly out of sheer desperation, I felt the internal calling to seasonal cleanse. Spring and Fall cleansing are an accepted practice in Ayurveda, an opportunity to reduce the physical and emotional load we are carrying while rejuvenating our body and mind.

I began with a traditional Kitchari cleanse – a simple meal that is taken as the sole source of food nutrion for days (or weeks) and allows nourishment without over feeding. Taking the burden off my digestion system allowed for deeper healing to take place. I began to feel lighter, have a little more energy, and less emotionally overwhelmed.

By repeating my cleanse each season my body began to expect this internal “break”. I developed intuition around what to eat and when. My cravings and emotional eating and drinking patterns changed. My body began to heal.

Between regular cleansing and practicing the Ayurvedic Habits of Daily Routine (those I now teach in my Pure Health program) I was able to completely come off of thyroid medication by 2018! It has now been a full year since I tested positive for any thyroid dysfunction. By tuning into my body and giving my body the nourishment it needs, healing became my reality.

With my story in mind, I cordially invite you to join me for Fall Nutrition Reset. We begin this Saturday, October 5, live on Zoom VideoConference.

Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingFALL NUTRITION RESET runs from October 5-October 26.
Create a sustainable diet plan for your life. Learn about your body type and what eating patterns are right for you. Experiment with WHEN and WHAT you eat as you find what gives you consistent energy to live your most vibrant life. This is a group program, so you will have an amazing group of like-minded people to support you on the way.

The investment is $297 and includes:

Four online, group calls (October 5, 12, 19 and 26) at 9am (recordings available if you miss the live meeting.
Downloadable Nutrition Reset E-Book
Private Facebook Group to share questions, insights, and support

Plus, you can bring a friend for FREE!
There is tremendous power in community and group support. Bring your friend along to participate in the course with you. You’ll create more accountability … and have more fun!
Register for Fall Nutrition Reset

Seasonal detoxing has been a life-changer for me. I love guiding others in this experience because I know how much it can do to improve your health and vitality. Please join us!

If you have questions, reply to this message, or schedule a free call with Alex Biondo, our program specialist (schedule here).

Be well,

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