Cleansing is the ultimate renewal, perfect for the beginning of the Spring season. Just as you feel the urge to “spring clean” your home, you may feel an urge to clean your internal space. Here are my top five tips for an Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse.

  1. Take a break from electronics. Turn down external noise by going screen-free (or screen-light) during your cleanse. Use devices sparingly. Give yourself a few 15-minute periods when you can check and respond to only the most imperative communication. Instead of mindless scrolling, use the time to tap into nature, connect with family, or sit in silence.
  2. Let go of excess social engagements. It is important to get quiet during your cleanse. It’s hard to do that when you are focused on meeting the needs of others, or when you are stuck in loud or over-stimulating social settings. Look ahead at your calendar and block a period of time in which you will say “no” to outside engagements.
  3. Make nourishing practices like self-massage and mineral baths a priority. Dry brushing, silk glove, or oil self massage puts you in touch with your tissues. Take a mineral bath to let go at the end of the day and quiet the mind for deep, restful sleep. Both practices can be part of a lovely, self-nourishing and relaxing bedtime routine.
  4. Create a plan and ask for specific support. Make a meal plan! The planning will ease your stress around the process of cleansing and stave off cravings. Looping in your friends and family will allow the opportunity to receive support.
  5. Be easy on yourself. Even the best laid plans sometimes must change. Being an experienced seasonal detoxer, there have been times when I have planned a deep cleanse only to encounter illness or an emergency that required me to take a lighter approach. Or the opposite – when I plan to take only an electronic device detox, but end up following my body’s desire into a deep juice cleanse. Use the opportunity to explore, be curious, and to be at ease with what arises.

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A seasonal cleanse can be done in a loving, gentle, and even pleasurable way. You can eat delicious food. You get permission to take it easy, take naps, and do less. You are encouraged to take extra good care of your body with nourishing practices and movement that feels good.

Sound like something you’d like to experience? Sign up for the Spring Nutrition Reset or email me with questions.

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