In recent years, the media has popularized intermittent fasting as a catch all, easy way to lose weight. The most common version of Intermittent fasting is a 16:8 schedule. This means that you eat all your meals during an 8 hour window, and fast on water, tea, or coffee for 16 hours a day (including sleeping hours). It is also commonly accepted that this feeding window can occur any time of day, often noon-8pm.

Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingOK, intermittent fasting is a lovely notion, but what if this doesn’t appeal to your physiology? I mean, once you have moved past resistance, 16:8 isn’t so bad; your body gets accustomed rather quickly to what you do or don’t give it. But what if your unique body is not cut out for this approach?

Enter Ayurveda, and Rhythmic Eating. For millennia, Ayurveda has had a clear and concise approach to the latest novelty in media driven nutrition advice. The Ayurvedic approach has stood the test of time, and takes into consideration your unique physiology. For example, if you find you are sporadically and irregularly hungry with chronic gas or constipation, the type of rhythmic eating you practice needs to balance the irregularity of your digestive function. Conversely, if your hunger spikes readily with a tendency toward hanger (hunger driven anger) then your rhythmic eating schedule needs to calm and soothe your digestive function.

Yes, there are people who should break their fast at noon and are all the better for it. There are also people who should eat from 8am-4pm OR 8am-6pm (a 14:10 schedule where the feeding window starts early in the day). Knowing your physiological type (called a dosha in Ayurveda) will help to determine the eating pattern that is right for you.

With so much to consider, I have designed this year’s Fall Nutrition Reset to answer all your questions about Rhythmic Eating.

Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingJoin me, October 5-October 26, for FALL NUTRITION RESET.
Twice a year (spring and fall), I offer this three-week course to teach and guide you to create a sustainable diet plan for your life. Our focus this fall is RHYTHMIC EATING. Learn about your body type and what eating patterns are right for you. Experiment with WHEN and WHAT you eat as you find what gives you consistent energy to live your most vibrant life. This is a group program, so you will have an amazing group of like-minded people to support you on the way.

The investment is $297 and includes:

Four online, group calls (October 5, 12, 19 and 26) at 9am (recordings available if you miss the live meeting.
Downloadable Nutrition Reset E-Book
Private Facebook Group to share questions, insights, and support

Plus, you can bring a friend for FREE!
There is tremendous power in community and group support. Bring your friend along to participate in the course with you. You’ll create more accountability … and have more fun!

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I’d love to guide you in learning how Rhythmic Eating can help you feel your best. If you have questions, reply to this message, or schedule a free call with Alex Biondo, our program specialist (schedule here).

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