Did you take the time to do ALSWOT (Accomplishments, Lessons Learned, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) for 2018 and set sustainable goals for 2019? If not, I walk you through the process here. Set aside time for this valuable exercise as you think about what is most important for you in the upcoming season.

Now, let’s talk bologna. Leo Lambert, Elon University’s last President, was famous for telling students “Given the abundant buffet that lies ahead, don’t make bologna sandwiches.” That’s how I feel about investing in your personal growth. Sure, bologna is economical. It can satiate your hunger. But can it nourish you? Is there much about bologna that is truly appealing? Can it satisfy you beyond the moment of consumption?

You can buy a whole lot of bologna at “value” pricing, but does it bring any value to your life?

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No. And neither can transient expenditures that provide momentary bliss but leave you lacking in every other aspect of your life.

  • You can buy coffee every day to pick up your energy, but what would be possible if you had abundant energy inherently? Which of your SMART goals could be reached and how efficiently could you accomplish your dreams?
  • You can drink the finest wine each night, hoping to wind down after a hard day, but what if you could achieve a permanent relationship to easeful living that allowed you to process stressful days without needing wine?
  • You can spend hundreds or thousands on health care, or you can invest in acquiring the skills that will allow you to prevent disease and feel amazing NOW.

Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness Coaching

How we spend and invest matters.
Many of you are accustomed to investing in education and certifications, often because it is clear what result you will yield in your profession or workplace. If you have children, you are also accustomed to saying “yes” to lessons, athletic coaching and tutors. You may also be making plans to invest in a home renovation or a redecorating project to make your environment more pleasing. These are investments in your life and family and they are important. But are you also investing in YOU?

If you’ve never invested in yourself – in your personal growth – this concept will feel foreign to you.

As a coach, massage therapist, and yoga teacher, almost all of my career development and education simultaneously yields personal growth. This is somewhat unique to the field of healing arts. It was not a huge jump for me to invest in a course that taught me to take better care of my body and health. I was sick of feeling mediocre, I craved to feel less frazzled, and wanted to put myself first for once without the associated guilt.

I had the desire to feel better, but what resulted from that self-care course I invested in what more than I expected. I didn’t know that this course would lead to me curing my own Autoimmune Disease, or that I would gain a deeper understanding of my body. I didn’t know that my desire to “improve my health” would also lead to a deepening of the relationships that mean the most to me, and to a career change. I did improve my health, and experience all these bigger impacts to my well-being and my life.

Now, let’s talk about investing in YOU.
If you already have plans this year for how you are investing in your career, your children, home improvement, etc, consider how you also might invest in your personal growth and well being.

If that is a new concept for you, set up a call with me. Sometimes it really helps to have a sounding board, and I love listening – it is one of my gifts that I would love to gift to you.

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