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One location, multiple massage services

We offer a combination of modern and ancient massage styles at Pure Life.

Our medical massages can help with injuries and general stress relief. Pregnancy massages are intended to provide relaxation to expecting parents and relief from common issues. Abhyanga and Gandharva are Ayurveda massage treatments that are deeply meditative and rejuvenating. Thai table massage is rooted in ancient tradition and provides deep muscular release and relaxation.

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Medical Massage treatment

Medical Massage Treatments

Ease tension, treat injuries, or address chronic conditions with Medical Massage. These services also include prenancy massage.

Abhyanga Massage

Ayurveda Massage Treatments

Invest in your well-being and begin living your most vibrant life with these highly detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments.

Thai Massage being done on a table at Purle Life

Table Thai Massage Treatments

Table Thai massage combines ancient Thai massage techniques with assisted stretching to leave you with a feeling of well-being.

Pure Life Massage,
Ayurveda & Coaching

We specialize in support therapy for healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle​.

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