Professional Coaching and Team Advantage

Professional Coaching and Team Advantage

Team Advantage logoGin Burchfield is proud to offer Professional Coaching and team coaching in the workplace as an affiliate of Pyramid Resource Group. She is a certified Team Advantage™ coach.

Experience Matters. The Pyramid Resource Group is globally recognized for establishing coaching cultures where the conversation is bold and compelling, beginning with “what can you imagine.”

Founded in 1994, Pyramid is the original corporate coaching company and our programs have evolved based on our own fieldwork and research on teams. We have learned the most effective coaching builds self-awareness and helps leaders become great coaches themselves.

We have partnered with some of the world’s thought leaders and most innovative companies to clarify vision and energize their people, creating sustainably higher levels of engagement.

If you believe it is time to re-engage people to embody their work and play their most extraordinary game each day, contact Gin. We are here for you and ready to explore your biggest challenges.

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