er. Sometimes we feel flushed, overexerted, or irritable from the heat.
Does getting too hot make you lose your cool?

I have the absolute easiest solution for you.
It’s an Ayurvedic practice called Sheetali Breath. You can ignore the fancy name. I like to call it “hot dog breath” because you curl your tongue into a hot dog shape as you breathe. You can use Sheetali any time you are feeling the effects of excess heat. That includes everything from acid reflux to short temper. In 30 seconds to two minutes of practice, you can cool down your insides and reset your internal thermostat.

Watch this short video for a tutorial.

Make cooling breath part of your Self-Care Summer Camp!
Take a few moments each day to practice Sheetali:

Take a seated and erect posture with the eyes closed.
Make your tongue curled into the shape of a hot dog as you pull breath in.
Close the lips, allowing the tongue to gently touch the roof of the mouth, as you exhale through the nose.
Continue for 30 seconds up to two minutes, swallowing if needed.

Notice the cooling sensation as the breath passes from the palate to the mind and spreads throughout the body. Note: If you cannot curl your tongue, inhale through your teeth instead – a practice known as Sitkari.

Try Sheetali and then reply to this message and tell me about your experience or ask me a question.

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