Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingI’m in the Outer Banks this week. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. We come every year to my in-law’s beach house to celebrate Independence Day.

It’s time to unwind and enjoy my family, right?

Well, not entirely. I’m also a business owner. I have massage clients and staff to manage, the next round of Pure Health to enroll, and multiple speaking engagements in the works. There is business I will be doing this week.

Then, I unexpectedly had to spend two hours handling an emergency at the home office.

I immediately became super stressed. This was costing me time and money to fix – and pulling me away from my family. I went from chilling on the beach to full on fight-or-flight in less than five minutes. Ack!!

Once the issue was under control I could ask myself: What was the real cost of those two hours?

My stress response killed my vacation buzz. It caused my body to release adrenaline and cortisol so I felt amped up and on edge.
My emotional state of frustration and anger created a physical response as well. My veins constricted; blood pressure rose; breathing became shallow.

Since there was no killer bear chasing me down, this level of reactivity was totally unwarranted. And yet I went there. After years of training myself out of this response, it still happened.

… But I caught it quickly and recovered. I could see what was going on and change my reaction.

… So now I’m back to relaxing and writing you this letter, less than an hour after putting out fires. I did not have that skill three years ago.The bottom line is this: Most of us (especially women) spend too much time in flight-or-flight mode.

We react to the toddler’s latest meltdown, the uncomfortable conversation that needs to happen at work, or a spousal disagreement, as though we are being chased by a killer bear.

Many of my female colleagues and clients report being in a state of active anxiety 70-90% of the time. Watch this video on how stress affects your health.

Human beings are not designed to sustain that much pressure.
… And yet, we do. The result is that women are developing autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases along with mood disorders at alarming rates.

In the Self-Care Summer Camp message you’ve been receiving, I’ve been anecdotal about reducing heat in the body to avoid these diseases. I love sharing fun, health-boosting tips with you.

But what I want — no, what I NEED is to get real with you.

The cost of continuing to live in stress mode is intolerably high.
Do not wait for a heart attack, stroke or cancer to adopt a new lifestyle.

Change your habits now, and you’ll enjoy vibrant health for years to come.
By joining the Pure Health program you WILL:

Lower your stress response
Improve your health in every facet of your life.
Become a better spouse, mom, daughter, boss, business owner, employee, and friend.
Gain new habits and skills while being supported by amazing growth-minded women who are just like you.

Is enough enough?
Ask yourself that question and listen closely for the answer.
If that voice inside you says it’s time to actively step into a new relationship with your life, schedule a call with me.

I am committed to helping women avoid or heal from chronic stress, autoimmune disorders, and other preventable lifestyle illnesses. Even though I’m technically “on vacation” this week, I have time for your call.

The course starts in a week, so take action today to save your place in our group.

Talk to you soon,


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