how-to-become-a-massage-therapist-ukMost patients consult our office because they have an ache or a pain. Their goal? Relief and recovery That’s our first objective.

We’ll conduct a thorough examination, revealing areas of spinal dysfunction. Based on the findings of your examination, we will prepare and offer a care plan designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of recovery time. Our goal is to go beyond the short-term relief and work to correct the underlying issues.

When you begin your road to recovery, visits are frequent. Each visit builds on the one before, so keeping your appointments will help you get the best results.

Often what happens next changes everything.

After a series of visits, you’ll start feeling better. And, in feeling better, you might decide to cut back on your visits or stop treatment altogether. But, if you continue your treatment, we’ll be able to treat your muscles, and soft tissue that left untreated could cause a relapse.

When you continue your care, visits will become less frequent, and progress will be less dramatic. However, the healing continues, and you move into what we call “Wellness Care.” In this phase, your body is supported to do and feel its best.

We also understand that sometimes you don’t have a choice about when you end your care. Whatever you choose, we’re here to serve and help support you in your decision.

Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know. With so many people depending on you, it makes sense to invest in your health.

A program of chiropractic checkups can help you be the caring parent, the loving spouse, the understanding friend, or the dependable employee.

Invest in your health. You’re worth it!

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