Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingThere is something very interesting and unique about meeting someone new in the US. We typically ask: “What’s your name?” followed directly by “And what do you do?” It is as if the answer to this very question could somehow unlock the key to your soul.

In many other areas of the world, what you do is not the defining status of who you are. I would venture a guess that you probably agree that we are more than our jobs – though it may be uncomfortable to approach an introduction differently. In reality, unless you are at a professional networking meeting, what you do for a living has very little bearing on who you are.

What we really should be asking is: “What do you value?”

Our values truly define us. They determine most of our outer expression – including who we spend time with, how we raise our children, where we go in our free time, how we spend money, and yes – often what we do to earn money.

Most company’s know the importance of values: When company values align with its employees’ values, you have buy-in, dedication, commitment to the organization. When corporate values and offerings are aligned with its customers needs and values, you have sales, lasting relationships, repeat business and referrals. Aligned values is what it takes to earn and maintain success.

In your personal life, values alignment is what makes relationships work. It guides your decision-making. It helps you understand and resolve problems. If you are not clear on your values, it’s hard to lead a fulfilling life. When was the last time you did a value check inside your family? Or better yet, inside of yourself?

Pure Health’s final course of the year is called RELATE.
November 5 – December 17
In Relate, we start by defining our own core values – something most of us have never put to paper! Identifying your values will help you be more confident in yourself, more successful in relationships, and help you achieve your highest success at work. Knowing your personal values will help you resolve disagreements, take things less personally, and spot core values in others.

Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingHere’s how the course works:
Over six weeks, you will explore your personal and family values. You’ll take steps to correct any misalignments you discover. As we enter into the holiday season, we will also look at how living from our core values will help us navigate tough relationships, resolve conflicts, and create your idea holiday experience – rooted in your values.

The course includes:

Weekly online group coaching meetings
A private forum for support and encouragement
Worksheets and other resources

If you want to manifest a new relationship, grow your current ones, and have the best Holiday Season ever, Relate is right for you.
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What you gain from living life in alignment with your values will change the way you experience life today, and for the rest of your life. It’s one of the best investments you can make in yourself.
Please join us!

If you have questions, reply to this message, or schedule a free call with Alex Biondo, our program specialist (schedule here).

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