Welcome, Autumn. A most assured sign of heat relief for those of us in the Southern US. My best friend jokes that we have multiple seasons here. “False Fall” came in August when we had 5 days of temperatures under 90 degrees. While we cycled back into hotter-than-hades Summer since then, my hope is that we can soon claim True Fall our own with the passing of the Equinox.

Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness Coaching - Autumn DetoxThe Autumn Equinox marks a time, too, of moving into the darkness. Days become shorter from here, and along with the dry, arid, sometimes windy climate that ensues. It is a stark contrast to the hot humidity of summer. It is a contrast that our body does not always adjust to readily.

Ayurvedically speaking, this is the time of year that we should reset our diet and progressively detox. The body, being part of nature, responds to its natural environment. Having been in the heat and humidity of summer, our bodies accumulate these qualities. You may experience swollen joints, loose stools, acid indigestion, burning eyes, or flashes of anger. When wind (characteristic of Autumn) blows on the fire within, the body dries out expeditiously. Loose stools can turn to gas and bloating. Skin can turn from hot to dry and flaky. Anger can turn to anxiety. Drippy sinuses can turn to full blown allergies, colds, flu, and so on.

To reduce these symptoms and stay well all Fall and Winter, I invite you to join Fall Nutrition Reset. I offer this gentle seasonal cleanse to help you clear your internal landscape like clearing away the falling leaves. Focusing on creating space in our digestion with the practices of Rhythmic Eating, we clear a path to better health. Rather than heading into the darkness with an overburdened digestive system, we learn to create ease in our bodies by carefully crafting when and what we eat. It is a phenomenal opportunity to focus within, with the support of a like-minded group of “Resetters” and the guidance of me as your coach.

Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingFALL NUTRITION DETOX & RESET starts October 5.
The investment is $297 and includes:

Four online, group calls (October 5, 12, 19 and 26) at 9am (recordings available if you miss the live meeting.
Downloadable Nutrition Detox & Reset E-Book
Private Facebook Group to share questions, insights, and support

Plus, you can bring a friend for FREE!
There is tremendous power in community and group support. Bring your friend along to participate in the course with you. You’ll create more accountability … and have more fun!

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Please join us for Fall Nutrition Reset. If you have questions, reply to this message, or schedule a free call with Alex Biondo, our program specialist (schedule here).

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