There are great things happening at Pure Life to support your health AND save you money!

Meet our new therapist, Emily Hester
NC LMBT #15893
We are thrilled to have Emily on staff offering extended hours in the evenings and weekends to give you more options for your massage appointments.

Book your first appointment with Emily and get $10 off her already great rates.

Emily believes that we all have the ability to unlock the best versions of ourselves, and that sometimes we just need a little assistance to get there. Her approach to massage is one that is specifically catered to each client, blending together a style that is informed yet intuitive.

Emily studied Therapeutic Massage at Wake Technical Community College in 2016, and received her Bachelor’s in Sociology from NC State before that. As a medical massage therapist, she focuses on alleviating specific points of ailment while also being mindful of a whole-body approach to health. Her primary fascination resides in how we posturally hold ourselves, and how modern advances in technology means that most of us suffer from “tech neck.” She also believes that there exists a connection between the physical body and the more subtle energy body in us all. Through personal study and observation during her sessions, she strives to learn more about this connection every day in order to share growth with every client that she touches.

Save Money by Resetting Your Eating Habits
Pure Life Ayurveda Massage & Wellness CoachingMany of you know I healed my autoimmune disorder using food and lifestyle as my medicine. Not only do I live in vibrant health – I spend less money too!

Without a chronic condition, I no longer waste money on doctor visits and other treatments I used to need to bolster my health. I no longer rely on expensive convenience foods and takeout to get dinner on the table, because now I have abundant energy to plan and prepare healthy food for my family. And, I’m not spending on alcohol, binge shopping, or other distractions to get me through a busy or stressful week.

Seasonal cleansing helps me maintain my health and vitality, and it absolutely saves me money. It hits the reset button on my habits, which always leads to extra cash in my bank account too. Unhealthy and expensive indulgences that have creeped into my routine are replaced by nourishing, natural, wholesome habits that keep me feeling like the true me.

There’s still time for you to register for our Spring Nutrition Reset. This process will help you feel better, AND I have no doubt you’ll make your investment back just by refining the habits you already know you want to change!

The 3-week course starts this Saturday, April 20. You can even bring a friend to join you for free and split the cost of the course – another way to save money while investing in your health.

Register for Spring Nutrition Reset

At Pure Life, we are committed to supporting your vibrant, thriving life, and we want to show you how you can make your self-care pay you back in real dollars. Book a massage, join us for the Spring Nutrition Reset, or schedule a free Pure Health Discovery Session with me to learn more about what we have to offer.

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