I don’t know about you, but as I pass through the holiday season and Winter turns to Spring I often notice an accumulation of ama in my body. Ama is the sticky, gooey sludge that is leftover from anything undigested – be it the long-gone indulgences of the holiday season or the excess created by daily unhealthy habits. Ama can even show up when we don’t process our emotions and experiences in a healthy way. (If you missed last week’s newsletter, click here to learn more about Ama and cleansing)

Ama takes hold in our fatty tissue and our joint spaces, which is why you may find yourself with an extra ten pounds and joint stiffness after a sluggish winter. It also lends itself to seasonal allergies in Spring.

So what can you do?

Try a seasonal cleanse! Ayurveda recommends cleansing on a biannual basis to clear the body’s channels, strengthen digestion, clear Ama, and break negative habits and their effect on the body.

When we cleanse, we can tap into our true and natural rhythms. A seasonal cleanse gives you the opportunity to slow down and sense your own pace, your own rhythm. It gives your body and your digestion the opportunity to rest and to process the ama that has collected in your fat, your joints, and your mind.
Listen to Your Body
Allow me to dispel the myth that a seasonal cleanse has to be hard on the body, needs to include fasting of any type, or must involve complete austerity. I like to think of my habit of seasonal detoxification (or cleansing) as the loving opportunity to listen to the body’s needs and wants.

We are so used to relying on the brain to make decisions about everything. “What will I do today? What pace will I force my body to keep because of work, family, or other commitments? What food will I eat to solve my feelings of boredom, sadness, anxiety, or joy? What music, TV, and electronic stimulation do I choose even when I’m tired?”

You see, it is SO simple to develop bad habits when we are using the brain to override the needs of the body. Detoxing allows us to listen to what the body truly needs.

Cleansing is the ultimate renewal. Just as you feel the urge to “spring clean” your home, you may feel an urge to clean your internal space. When we do so, we fine tune the body’s listening skills. We have the chance to renew the body’s natural intelligence and rhythm. We override the loud voice of the mind, break bad habits, and, most importantly, we heal – in body, mind, and spirit.

Make your cleanse what YOU need it to be.
You can design your cleanse to go as deep or as subtle as you like. The main goal of a cleanse should be to attune the body’s rhythm to that of nature, to create space for healing, and to fine tune your intuition.

I’d love for you to join me in my Spring Nutrition Reset. On this three-week journey, you will learn the fundamentals of how, when and what to eat. You will design a diet that supports your body and lifestyle, one that can be integrated into your life after the three weeks are over.

The Spring Nutrition Reset includes coaching, group support, and all the resources you need to gently and lovingly ease into spring. You even have the option of bring a friend along for FREE to create more accountability … and have more fun!

We start on April 20, and you can register today.

Register for Spring Nutrition Reset

I hope you will tune in and listen to what your body needs this spring season. If you’re ready to lighten up and get back to feeling vibrant, strong, and clear, a seasonal cleanse may be a great way to get moving in the right direction. Join me in the in Spring Nutrition Reset or email me with questions.

In pure health,

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